Urban Indigo’s owner, Cynthia Bragdon, loves good design. She began her career in graphics and soon discovered a passion for ceramics. She opened a ceramics studio across the bay from San Francisco, where she sold her own work and assorted artful objects. The storefront quickly expanded, was named Urban Indigo in 2004, and eventually moved to its current location in the historic Grand Lake neighborhood of Oakland.
Brent builds all of the cool displays you see in the store.You've also heard his jazz trio performing at the store during our events...if you want to contact him for your event click here: Brent Richardson Jazz Trio
Temmy, our sales associate owned her own store in Chicago for many years. She enjoys spending time with her 4 grandchildren. 
Poppy is our very mischievous store mascot.
We’re glad you’re here.

There’s good design in store for you. From home furnishings to handmade jewelry, Urban Indigo has something for everyone, including the kids. Or the kid inside you. Help yourself to an organically shaped object or a one-of-a-kind piece of art. Everything we select for the store is distinctively designed, always affordable, and often has a touch of humor. We hope our passion becomes your inspiration.

Have fun browsing and let us know if we can help.

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A B O U T  U S
Heather is our Sales Manager and best-selling jewelry designer.
Jeanie has a BA in Digital Arts and is 4th generation Oakland! She is our Receiving, Buying and Marketing assistant and our store photographer. Check out her cool fashion photography 
H O M E A B O U T    U SF A QJ O I N  O U R  T E A M

Visit the Shop:

3339 Lakeshore Avenue
Oakland, California 94610

5 1 0 . 4 1 9 . 0 4 5 1
​Kiosk parking on Lakeshore Avenue

S T O R E   H O U R S:
Monday through Friday 11:00 - 6:30 
Saturday, 10am - 6:30
Sunday, 11am - 6pm
Luna-fish, honorary store mascot
Sarah is our Visual Merchandise Director and Window Dresser.  Has a goal of visiting every National Park. 
Claire is our Receiving Assistant, Sales Associate and Mom to adorable baby Carter
Alain is our Sales Associate and Sunglasses Buyer